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2011 New Year’s Resolutions

Here are my top 11 new year’s resolutions for 2011:

1.  Get back into podcasting/blogging.
2.  Loose the rest of my weight — and go streaking, EVEN if it’s winter-time!
3.  Finish a 100 Mile Century cycling ride. (and ride my bike more…)
4.   Drink more water —- drink more tea (hot).
5.   Engage in more charitable fundraising (locally, nationally, and globally)
6.   Create an iPhone app.
7.  Travel more (more trips to San Fran, maybe Europe or Asia)
8.  Do more Yoga and meditation
9.   Pick up playing bass/guitar again (play live with others) –See more live music.
10.   Learn now to bonsai (tree)
11.  Connect with friends and family more.

Have a great 2011!

Some inspiring people-sites

Hi, a few weeks ago, a friend asked me what are some of the interesting sites/people that I follow. So, I thought I would just post here. Enjoy.

Here are a few sites that I look to when I need inspiration, etc, etc:

Gary Vaynerchuk:
Gary is awesome… I’ve met him a few times in person—and he is truly nice. A little “spassy”, — but a great guy. This is one of my favorite videos:

Tony Hsieh:
Tony is one of those people that is just as nice in person as he is online. His views on corporate culture, caring about your customers/employees is extraordinary. His book, Delivering Happiness, will be out soon!

TED: — TED isn’t a person; but a group where the best minds of all human endeavors meet to discuss great ideas. Here is my profile:
Here are some of my favorite “talks” that have truly moved me:

Some of my very favorites are:

Jill Bolte Taylor’s stroke of insight:

Itay Talgam: Lead like the great conductors:

Steve Jobs: How to Live before you die

Jamie Oliver’s TED prize wish: Teach every child about food

Tim Ferris:
His book: — Kind of hard to really do in real life— but a VERY good book to learn from.

That’s a good start… If you have any questions at all, please feel free to call, txt, etc.

My personal website is:
Some of my “social” links are here:

One last site/person that I keep up with:


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