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My Review of “Jobs” movie

Here is my quick review of the 2013 Jobs Movie.

As a huge Apple “FanBoy”, I was somewhat underwhelmed.  I thought it was “OK” — Entertaining and a fair representation of Steve Jobs early/mid career at Apple. However, there were holes in the timeline of Jobs’ life — and didn’t get past the iPOD era… So, no footage about the creation of the iPhone, iPad, modern Macs, etc.

I DID think that Ashton Kutcher’s acting was pretty damn good… And, seeing his photo on the side of young Steve Jobs at the end of the movie – WOW you see A LOT of similarities.

I actually think “The Pirates of Silicon Valley” is a better movie:
– much more entertaining and possibly more a more complete story of the ‘early’ days of Apple Computers.

If you are looking for “Facts”, I say pickup a copy of Walter Isaacson’s book, “Steve Jobs”:

Also, Steve Wozniak’s “iWOZ” book is Woz’s side of the story:

This is also a great documentary about Steve from LPB:

I could go on….  I’m sure there are some die-hard Apple fans that will LOVE this movie; thats cool.  I just didn’t leave the theater “Feeling” good or more connected to Apple/Jobs.  I say it’s worth the 10 bucks to checkout.

iWill gives it a C+   🙂

2011 New Year’s Resolutions

Here are my top 11 new year’s resolutions for 2011:

1.  Get back into podcasting/blogging.
2.  Loose the rest of my weight — and go streaking, EVEN if it’s winter-time!
3.  Finish a 100 Mile Century cycling ride. (and ride my bike more…)
4.   Drink more water —- drink more tea (hot).
5.   Engage in more charitable fundraising (locally, nationally, and globally)
6.   Create an iPhone app.
7.  Travel more (more trips to San Fran, maybe Europe or Asia)
8.  Do more Yoga and meditation
9.   Pick up playing bass/guitar again (play live with others) –See more live music.
10.   Learn now to bonsai (tree)
11.  Connect with friends and family more.

Have a great 2011!

Some inspiring people-sites

Hi, a few weeks ago, a friend asked me what are some of the interesting sites/people that I follow. So, I thought I would just post here. Enjoy.

Here are a few sites that I look to when I need inspiration, etc, etc:

Gary Vaynerchuk:
Gary is awesome… I’ve met him a few times in person—and he is truly nice. A little “spassy”, — but a great guy. This is one of my favorite videos:

Tony Hsieh:
Tony is one of those people that is just as nice in person as he is online. His views on corporate culture, caring about your customers/employees is extraordinary. His book, Delivering Happiness, will be out soon!

TED: — TED isn’t a person; but a group where the best minds of all human endeavors meet to discuss great ideas. Here is my profile:
Here are some of my favorite “talks” that have truly moved me:

Some of my very favorites are:

Jill Bolte Taylor’s stroke of insight:

Itay Talgam: Lead like the great conductors:

Steve Jobs: How to Live before you die

Jamie Oliver’s TED prize wish: Teach every child about food

Tim Ferris:
His book: — Kind of hard to really do in real life— but a VERY good book to learn from.

That’s a good start… If you have any questions at all, please feel free to call, txt, etc.

My personal website is:
Some of my “social” links are here:

One last site/person that I keep up with:


Matcha Green Tea Shake

*** FYI:  I’ve created a dedicated website just for tea: ***

Here is my recipe for a kick ass Match Green Tea Shake.  This will make a little more than 1 serving.  This will give you a really good start to any morning.  “Healthy” calories and a great boost from the green tea.  Plus it’s ULTRA easy to prepare.

Total calories approximately 283-300 calories. If you are trying to lose weight, you may want to use this as a meal replacement.

1 – 6oz container of vanilla yogurt. = 110 Calories
I use Yoplait; however any yogurt with active cultures/L Acidophilus is great.

1 – 6oz serving of slim milk. = 68 Calories
I just use the empty yogurt container to measure out the milk. Easy.

1 – Medium banana. = 105 Calories
You can use any fruit you like… I like bananas because of the potassium, etc… But blueberries ROCK also.

1 – 1/4 tsp of good quality Matcha Green tea powder. = Trace calories
I typically use 1-3 1/4 tsp scoops of Matcha; however, I really like green tea.
Soooo, you’ll need to start with 1 1/4 tsp— and add to taste.  You can find this tea at

1 – Good handful of cubed ice. = No calories.
You may want to use more of less… The ice is just for coldness and consistency.

1 – Tablespoon of Agave Nectar = 60 Calories OPTIONAL
You can find this at any Whole Foods… Great substitute for sugar or Splenda.

Blend for about 45 seconds—until well blended. Enjoy.   Also, if you want a little extra “umph” into this concoction, try adding about 6oz of Kellogg’s Special K Red Berries cereal.  I’ll update this post with new calorie counts shortly.  However, if you do this, I would recommend that this drink become more of a meal replacement.  Still, a very healthy start to a day.

*** UPDATE: You can find this and more at


Review of Sherlock Holmes = “B-“

Last night, I saw the new Sherlock Holmes movie, starring Robert Downey, Jr, Jude Law, and Rachel McAdams. Although I found the movie very entertaining, I can only give it a “B-“. — I think all of the acting was fine; but, the movie dragged on in some places. I actually found myself dozing off once….. However, this could have been the sushi/sake I had prior to the movie. 🙂

Unlike Ironman, this movie didn’t have me leaving the theater excited about the sequel. And yes, it looks like there will definitely be a Sherlock Holmes 2.

It’s not a bad movie— I just won’t be seeing it a second time at the theater anytime soon. And, I probably won’t be buying it on DVD/download right when it comes out.

Again, not a bad movie. RDJ is great.

“My Mother’s family”

A few days ago, I found an OLD essay that I wrote way back in 1985 about my family heritage… I was maybe 12 or 13 years old when written.  I decided to “PDF” it and post online.  And yes, mom called me “Billy”… 🙂



Good Tea, Great Tea

A few people have asked me about the teas I’ve been drinking lately. I will say that it’s very hard to find good loose leave tea here in Baton Rouge. The closest place to finding “decent” teas are at Whole Foods and World Market. These are good teas—but why just settle for “good” when you can have “great.” Believe me, forget about the good ol’ tea bag—-and look for some loose leave love. I recommend these online sites: and

Here are the teas I’m drinking now:

Silver Needle (White Tea): VERY light, clean tasting white tea. Delicate taste—and great for infusing mixing with other teas. Also, it is very high in anti-oxidants; so great health benefits to drinking this stuff! It’s the healthiest tea I’ve had so far. These tea leaves can withstand multiple steepings.

Monkey Picked Oolong: In my opinion, this is the Ferrari of all teas. Very light, crisp taste—but complex. Great benefits also. Not as high in antioxidants as white or green tea; however, this tea is great for boosting your energy and metabolism. GREAT for dieting and keeping hydrated. These tea leaves can withstand multiple steepings — in fact, some of the flavors change after different brews.

White Avurvedic Chai: When I first tried this tea in Houston, it knocked my socks off. VERY, VERY flavorful. Great for boosting energy and hydration. It’s almost like drinking candy!

Mate Vana + Rooibos Chai: This blend KICKS BUTT too. If you are a coffee drinker; and trying to make the “switch” into teas— this one is for YOU! This blend brews very dark and reminds me of coffee on the palate.

And there you have it… These are the teas I’m enjoying right now. —- I will forewarn you: loose leave teas are ALOT more expensive than your regular “Wal-mart” tea from a tea bag. But, worth it? ABSOLUTELY. When I made my first “purchase”, I had sticker shock when told that my bill was $90 for two full tins of tea. But, ohhhh here is where the addiction begins… Just to show you how bad: the last time I was in Houston to see my “dealer”, I dropped $250 on these teas I described above. HAPPILY walking out with my “fix” — talk about “Holy Herb!?!?” BTW: It’s Camellia sinensis … 🙂

Of course, I typically buy in bulk—-and this amount of tea lasts me for like 4-6 months.

So give it a try… If you are wanting a good “starter’ experience try this Starter Kit.

Want more? Checkout the Doctor Tea videos. Also, if you are on Twitter, follow Kevin Roses’ “Good Tea” account. OH, and by the way— drink all the tea you want. Unlike coffee, tea has a chemical called L-Thiamine that counteracts the “jitters” you would get from caffeine. Read HERE for more info on the health benefits of drinking tea.

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